Institute of Corporate Directors

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2701 - 250 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON M5B 2L7

Tel (main): 416.593.7741
Tel (toll-free): 1.877.593.7741
Fax: 416.593.0636

General Inquiries:


Jane Grant,

Coordinator, Member Relations

416.593.7741 x221 E-mail
National Events

Kate Swick,

Manager, Event Operations

416.593.7741 x225 E-mail
National Courses 

Maureen Finlan,

Program Officer

416.593.7741 x248 E-mail
All Course Contacts    
Governance Research & Resources 

Heather Wilson,

Director, Research Services (ICD BoardInfo Service)

416.593.7741 x411 E-mail
Board Opportunities 

Sheldon Mahabir,

Director, ICD Directors Register

416.593.7741 x237 E-mail
Media Requests and Communications 

Charmain Emerson,

Director, Communications 

416.593.7741 x235 E-mail
Marketing and Advertising   

Al-Azhar Khalfan,

Vice President, Marketing & Member Engagement

416.593.7741 x243 E-mail