Course Fee Policy

Fees for BDE are due at the time of application. Applicants are encouraged to carefully review the admissions criteria against their experience and qualifications before submitting an application for admission.

Applicants are liable for the full course fee once they are notified that the admissions committee has accepted their application for admission.

Cancellation Policy

The ICD will provide a refund for the course, if notification is received in writing, no later than 10 days prior to the start date for the program. Notifications should be addressed to

For those individuals who acquired a membership to ICD, as a result of acceptance into the course, that membership will be cancelled along with the course cancellation.

Approved cancellations will be provided as a credit to an account, to be used on other courses offered by ICD (subject to qualifying for the course) within a one-year timeframe. Once another course is confirmed, the ICD membership will be reinstated.

No refunds will be provided for cancellations received less than 10 days before the start date of the course. Non-attendance will incur the full course fee. In the event the ICD cancels or postpones a course, applicants will be issued a full refund and receive a complimentary one-year ICD membership as a token of appreciation.

Deferment Policy

Under exceptional circumstances only, under 10 days out from the start date of the course into which the applicant was admitted, applicants may request a one-time deferment into a future course offering, within one academic year. A request for deferment will be considered only if the applicant has paid all outstanding fees. The request must be made in writing to Please note a deferment to another program is possible only if space is available and is at the discretion of the ICD. A $250 administration fee (plus applicable taxes) will be charged for deferment.

Compassionate Deferment Policy

In cases where participants have an illness or other unforeseen last-minute emergency that prevents their participation in an entire program, the ICD will make every effort to accommodate the participant’s transfer into a future program. Participants, or their representatives, should contact as soon as possible in these situations to request a transfer. There is a $250 administration fee (plus applicable taxes) for the deferment. Where only one day will be missed, participants are expected to attend the other days in the program.

Substitution Policy

Applicants are admitted into the program on an individual basis based on the specific qualifications and experience of the candidate. Participant substitutions are not permitted after the course has begun. The only exception is where an organization is paying the course fees for an employee. In this instance, the employer may nominate another employee, provided their experience is in line with the criteria for the course. ICD reserves the right to reject substitute candidates if their experience is not commensurate with the course requirements. In this instance, the full course fees are still payable, whether an employee participates or not.  A request for substitution must be made in writing to A $250 administration fee (plus applicable taxes) must accompany the written request.