The Board Dynamics for Executives (BDE) course is specifically developed to address the needs of senior executives who are required to report and/or present to a Board of Directors. The ICD will be seeking a cross section of executive leaders from Profit, Not-for Profit and Crown organizations.    
Please note that this is not an open-enrollment course, and as such, the ICD reserves the right to limit admission to applicants with an appropriate level of experience, in order to optimize the experience of participants.

Space is limited and there is no guarantee of admission into the program.


  • Experienced senior executives with good business acumen developed through 5+ years in a senior executive management role (C-suite, managing director).
  • Except in exceptional situations, all admitted participants would have appropriate experience as an executive reporting and/or presenting to a board of directors within the last 12 months. Consideration will also be given to executives who will be presenting to a board in the near future.
Potential applicants who are unsure if their experience is suitable for admission to the Boardroom Effectiveness for Executives Program, are encouraged to email the Program Officer, Education at education@icd.ca to request a consultation regarding their eligibility.