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Discover the unique circumstances and challenges that exist when serving on the board of government-controlled entities. Examine strategies, best practices and approaches to employ when dealing with government shareholders, multiple stakeholders, Ministers, administrative processes, and political reactions.


This course is ideal for directors of Crown Corporations, Agencies, Boards and Commissions and senior public officials whose accountabilities intersect with Crown Corporations, Agencies, Boards and Commissions.


    • Understand the roles of Crown Corporations, Agencies, Boards and Commissions and the dynamic between the board and government shareholders
    • Illustrate how to balance Crown business objectives, fiduciary duty and government policy objectives
    • Identify the accountability expectations of stakeholders and the public and how to best manage them
    • Learn strategies on how to manage the triangular relationship between the board, CEO and government


Enhance your performance on the board of a Crown Corporation, Agency, Board or Commission by building a practical understanding of the nuanced operating environment and distinct challenges facing government-controlled entities and their unique stakeholder groups.


This program uses a blended online learning model that weaves together best practices in adult education with creative networking opportunities.
  • The model includes:

    Independent online learning (three to four hours)

    Comprised of e-learning modules, videos, webinars, podcasts, readings, polls and more, independent learning enables participants to work through material at the time and pace that best suits their individual needs. It also allows for content to be broken into shorter, more digestible sections, and delivered in multiple formats to appeal to different preferences.

    Live, instructor-led session (approximately four hours)

    This instructor-led online session will focus on the application of concepts covered through independent learning. The live session might include class discussions, breakout group discussions and exercises, Q & A with instructors and other experts, simulations, live interactive panel discussions, live polling and online chats.

    Supplemental resources and tools

    Participants may receive supplemental resources to augment the required components of their independent learning packages.

    Learning sustainment and engagement opportunities

    Following course completion, participants will be invited to join an Alumni Portal, becoming part of a community of practice where they gain access to tools and resources to help apply course learnings in real-life settings. They will also have opportunities to engage in discussion forums with course peers to exchange questions, ideas and experiences that will round out their newly acquired knowledge and skills.


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