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Organizations are navigating increasingly complex social issues. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors have been a focus of stakeholders for some time, and the “S” is gaining more and more attention. There is growing pressure from stakeholders, such as investors, employees and customers, for boards to engage and help “move the needle” on the issues that impact them, and therefore also impact the long-term value of the company. In this critical course, directors will gain practical strategies to help monitor and assess their organization’s management of social issues, including the appropriate level and parameters for board engagement.

Note: Board Oversight of Social Issues is an evolution of the former Board Oversight of Culture course. Though minimal, there will be some content overlap between the two programs.

Current Offerings

  • City Course
    Instructor Led 
    Online OSI003  May 26, 2022
    12:30pm-4:30pm EST
    May 12, 2022


The Board Oversight of Social Issues course is ideal for boards of directors of for-profit, Crown and not-for-profit organizations who want to improve their navigation of social issues.


  • Upon completion of this course, you will:
    • Understand the greater societal and social context organizations now operate in, why it is important, and how this impacts boards
    • Understand the link between internal culture and other “S” issues
    • Obtain metrics and tools to understand and monitor your organization’s internal culture and how the organization is responding to other social issues
    • Have strategies to effectively oversee the development of your organization’s narrative on social issues
    • Understand important considerations for boards when contemplating their role in engagement on social issues
    • Know how to effectively prepare for, oversee, and conduct engagement around “S” issues
    • Gain practical insights from the successes and learnings of directors whose boards are successfully engaging with stakeholders


  • Benefits to your board work - You will be equipped with the necessary tools and practical insights to:

    • Situate your organization within a wider social context
    • Assess, monitor, and oversee the improvement of: organizational culture and responses to social issues
    • Effectively engage with stakeholders on social issues


This program uses a blended online learning model that weaves together best practices in adult education with creative networking opportunities.
  • The model includes:

    Independent online learning (three to four hours)

    Comprised of e-learning modules, videos, webinars, podcasts, readings, polls and more, independent learning enables participants to work through material at the time and pace that best suits their individual needs. It also allows for content to be broken into shorter, more digestible sections, and delivered in multiple formats to appeal to different preferences.

    Live, instructor-led session (approximately four hours)

    This instructor-led online session will focus on the application of concepts covered through independent learning. The live session might include class discussions, breakout group discussions and exercises, Q & A with instructors and other experts, simulations, live interactive panel discussions, live polling and online chats.

    Supplemental resources and tools

    Participants may receive supplemental resources to augment the required components of their independent learning packages.

    Learning sustainment and engagement opportunities

    Following course completion, participants will be invited to join an Alumni Portal, becoming part of a community of practice where they gain access to tools and resources to help apply course learnings in real-life settings. They will also have opportunities to engage in discussion forums with course peers to exchange questions, ideas and experiences that will round out their newly acquired knowledge and skills.


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