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The Board Oversight of Technology (BOT) program will enhance directors' oversight of digital technologies and deepen their understanding of how technology can impact their organizations. You will acquire the essential knowledge, frameworks and skills required to make informed decisions in the boardroom.

Furthermore, the course addresses risks and opportunities associated with cyber security, privacy, social media engagement, reputation management, IT projects and emerging technologies.

There are currently no scheduled delivery dates. Please contact to determine how we can best address your learning needs.


This program is ideal for directors looking to enhance their contributions to board discussions and decision making on matters related to digital technologies, and resulting impacts on their organization.


    • Identify and understand the cyber threats facing individuals and organizations.
    • Understand the relevant regulations and legislation related to data protection and privacy
    • Apply your understanding of the current cyber threat environment to your oversight role as a board director
    • Spot early signals of an emerging crisis related to technology and understanding how a resulting reputation crisis can unfold
    • Design a solid governance framework for overseeing an organization’s use of new technologies and social communication channels with stakeholders


Gain the necessary skills and knowledge to develop a solid governance framework for the oversight of risks and opportunities related to new and emerging technologies within your organization.


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