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Director's Dilemma 

Join us at this interactive event focused on the difficult issues confronting a fictional board. Participants will have the opportunity to exercise their director skills as they deal with complex governance problems. Acting as a board and presented with a set of facts in a case study, you and your fellow board members will deliberate and make recommendations to the board.

Sometimes there is no checklist. Boards deal in ambiguity because many governance challenges require judgement rather than compliance. When faced with “director dilemmas”, definitive information may not always be available, and a distinct course of action may not always be clear. Learn from your peers and experienced board members as you tackle, discuss options and work through real-world boardroom challenges.

The session will be moderated by Heather Wilson, ICD's Director of Research Services. Experienced director Lynn Zurel will provide her guidance and insight during the event.


Heather Wilson Headshot


Lynn Zurel, ICD.D Headshot