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While most boards conduct evaluations as an expected governance duty, many directors wonder if those evaluations actually have an impact on the performance of the board, individual directors and the organization.

In our October event, we will hear from two experienced directors about how well-conducted, objective and purposeful board evaluations can “raise the bar” on board performance. Norma Beauchamp, ICD.D and Ron Funk will share their story about how evaluations improved the performance and effectiveness of the board of a publicly-traded company, and the positive impact this had on the corporation.

Their presentation will include practical suggestions on conducting board evaluations, including options for formats, methodologies, frequency, timing and follow-up. While board evaluations may appear to be a routine exercise, this presentation will inspire you and your boards to utilize them as a means to drive the effectiveness of your board and organization.


Norma Beauchamp Headshot
Ron Funk Headshot