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Breakfast Seminar

Sometimes trends develop slowly, due to natural resistance to change – until something happens to jump start it. In his 2022 Letter to CEOs, Blackrock CEO Larry Fink said:
No relationship has been changed more by the pandemic than the one between employers and employees…. Our research shows that companies who forged strong bonds with their employees have seen lower levels of turnover and higher returns through the pandemic.
Change is certainly here and for some organizations, things really will never go back to the way they wereWhat does the new Future of Work look like, and what is the impact upon the leadership of our organizations?  Our distinguished panelists will discuss:
  • the emergence of the hybrid workplace and its impact on corporate culture
  • employees’ evolving expectations on work/life balance and compensation
  • organizations’ increased focus on purpose, inclusivity, and mental health
  • employee recruitment and retention trends, particularly in light of Kelowna’s labour shortage, and how these trends have impacted board oversight


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