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The Director Mentorship Program is an interactive program designed to complement the knowledge-based competencies and skills and behavioural aptitudes developed through the ICD, Director Education Program (DEP) and enable directors to better serve their boards. The aim of the mentorship program is to increase the level of awareness and tools available to new directors with the view to improving the governance and board intersection in Canada’s boardrooms.
Our Mentors are experienced board leaders with a wealth of knowledge who have served as committee or board chairs on multiple corporate boards and have also served on private, not for profit and crown boards.  This past year the mentors included Catherine Best, Sue MacKenzie, Rod McKay, Stella Thompson and Andrew Wiswell.  In addition, there were a group of director mentors that joined the open sessions to offer practical advice and tips  on boardroom issues and director dynamics. Insights like “how to ask questions as a new director” or “what key issues on human resource matters or risk management should a new director be aware of or concerned about” are just some examples of matters that were discussed in the program
Frequently Asked Questions 

Please download the Confidentiality Agreement and submit to by June 3, 2022.   
Program Dates:  July 2022 – June 2023                               

Application Deadline: JUNE 3 , 2022

Applicants will be contacted by June 30, 2022.  
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