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Presented by the Ottawa Chapter: Risk is a concern for all board members, not just the audit committee.

Aside from the obvious long-term threats posed by climate change – such as increased number of floods, fires and natural disasters, etc. – one cannot underestimate the threat to corporate assets and resources. How exposed is your board? The threat to plants, factories, delivery/transportation sources, product development and supply chains is increasing.

What are the risks showing up on our risk register that may not have been as urgent and/or damaging in the past? Why is the risk register so frequently housed at the audit committee when many of the risks are environmental-, social- and governance-focused? Is engagement of all board members focused on strategies to mitigate these risks?

Access to Capital – will investors invest in companies whose ratings are not acceptable?
What is the impact on employment and the court of public opinion – what is your reputational risk?
Governance – Regulation, reputational risk, what controls need to be in place now that may not have been focused on in the past?

Join us as our experts discuss the imperative of boards in this evolving world of ESG.


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