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Data today is the new currency of business and organizations more broadly. It has moved from an input for internal analysis to becoming a product in and of itself. Fair and creative use of data and artificial intelligence can generate new opportunities and be a massive competitive differentiator. In short, data is a superpower that can propel your strategy. But as a director, are you prepared to govern in this new world of data?

How do you, as a director, become data-competent to provide leadership at the board table to help your organization thrive in a world of rapid data-led digital transformation?

Our panel of expert directors will bring real experience to help us think through several important questions around the oversight and governance of data, particularly in its context as an engine of growth.
  • How does your board understand the potential for data, AI and machine learning to open up new business models for the organization and/or become the threat of others using the same kinds of data to destroy current business models?
  • Do you understand your own organization’s data assets, capabilities and competitive context?
  • How do you assess opportunities to realize value from data – as a revenue product, as competitive intelligence and as a marketable commodity to drive performance?
  • How do boards get a handle on both current and future risks associated with collecting, sharing and using data: ethically and responsibly, in compliance with regulations and growing social expectations, and protecting the value of this key asset?
  • How does a board perform this role in the face of the speed of change of business models in general, and particularly, rapid advances in technology?
  • From a diversity, equity and inclusion lens, and beyond, how does a board understand inherent biases that may exist in the organization’s historic data gathering and analysis?
  • What should board members understand about the role of data in an organization’s performance?
  • Does your board have a playbook for overseeing the organization’s approach to data strategy, and more broadly, digitalization?
  • Given the maturity level of your organization with respect to data, how will it be successful on its journey to effectively leverage data?
Join our panel as they help us navigate through this important and fast-changing topic, and set us on our paths from limited data-knowledge to becoming leaders around our board tables in governing effectively through the power of data.


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