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The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, in its final report in 2015, called on all Canadians, including specifically, civil society groups, the corporate sector, educational and religious institutions, and government to take action on the 94 Calls to Action to redress the legacy of residential schools on survivors and their families. There are historical and ongoing wrongs against Indigenous peoples. The Calls to Actions address a wide range of areas including child welfare, education, health, justice, language and culture and business.
Truth and Reconciliation is a highly complex matter. But Action is needed and the corporate sector and the not-for-profit sector cannot wait for a ‘perfect’ time to start. Corporations can start with small steps if need be, and these steps can start today.

Event Outcomes:
  • Board level participants and leaders will receive a base level understanding of the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action delivered in a synthesized 30-minute briefing before the Panel session gets underway. Participants will receive detailed references on how they can learn more through independent reading and self-study.
  • Learn the board’s role in understanding the need for Action whether at a for-profit or NFP entity,
  • Directors and board leaders will gain a strong understanding of what Actions leading entities are taking towards Reconciliation in the areas of business and social development so they may help push their organizations forward for measurable progress.
  • A Q&A discussion on a broad range of matters on this critically important topic


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