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You’ve heard the saying, “What got you here, won’t get you there.”
When it comes to landing a highly competitive seat on a desired board of directors, that observation is truer than ever before.
How are you going to reinvent or rebrand yourself from being the high-quality professional you are known to be in your day job, to the desired candidate with lived experience, skills and value needed on the board you wish to serve?
For our April 20 session, we’ve assembled a top-notch panel of experts who have the experience and advice to guide you toward improving your chances of being considered for a board seat, and perhaps more importantly, to help determine where your skills and aspirations would have the best fit.
We’ll be talking about knowing your value, creating a board-specific CV, and understanding the process involved with being recruited to boards to help build your board career over time.
We all start somewhere. Let’s learn from those who have seen what works and what can work better in order to help you determine the next right step in your boardroom journey.


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Elaine Roper Headshot
Sheldon Mahabir  Headshot