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The value of Indigenous engagement in the boardroom has been widely acknowledged, but are we taking the necessary actions to truly make a difference?

Back by popular demand, we have reassembled our stellar panel for our June membership event. The conversation continues with three Indigenous leaders who are influencing change in boardrooms right here in Manitoba and across Canada. Come hear the perspectives of Mary Jane Brownscombe, Diane Roussin and Jennefer Nepinak, ably moderated by Gregg Hanson, and be inspired to take action both from an individual perspective and an organizational level.

In order to effect meaningful change, we first must understand our history. The panelists will discuss the systemic issues that Indigenous peoples encounter. We will discuss tangible methods to address those systemic issues and the costs of inaction. The panelists will offer insights to those wanting to engage Indigenous representation on their boards, with particular emphasis on forming relationships and how best to nurture those relationships. 


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Mary Jane M. Brownscombe Headshot
Jennefer J. Nepinak  Headshot
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