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Climate concerns are driving media and public interest, governmental regulation and investment decisions, collectively amplifying demands for progress. The accelerating pace of change, and volume of views and information on climate, can be overwhelming. And virtually every organization is impacted in some fashion. So how are boards translating the push for progress on climate into their work as directors?

This panel will focus on practical aspects of board leadership on climate change issues. These include building capacity to consider climate impacts on the strategic plan and objectives, assessing and approving climate initiatives, setting long-term goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, creating action plans to meet net-zero commitments, determining short-term targets to measure progress, and identifying the steps needed to ensure resiliency. We will explore fundamental questions like:
  • What does net-zero mean? 
  • How have directors been applying a climate lens to strategy, risk and decision-making?
  • What are the challenges in ensuring management is appropriately considering climate risks and opportunities?
  • How do you assess today whether a plan to achieve a net-zero commitment as far out as 2050 is realistic?
  • How do you balance longer-term goals with the short-term needs of the organization?
  • What process should you follow to establish key performance indicators to measure progress and hold current management accountable? 
  • How important are offsets to your organization’s response plan, is it appropriate to use them and how do you consider offset use within the supply chain?
  • How do you ensure the organization has concrete plans for addressing the more near-term physical impacts associated with climate change – i.e. what is being done today to build a more resilient organization?
  • Among the board and its committees, where are climate considerations allocated?
Join us for an engaging roundtable discussion by seasoned, pragmatic directors and executives with backgrounds in a range of industries and organizations. An expert will lead the discussion through the complexities of taking the necessary near-term steps, while holding management and the board accountable in a tangible way. 


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