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Not-for-Profit (NFP) boards can face unique challenges in establishing highly effective relationships with their CEOs. A wider range of director tenure and experience can exist within volunteer NFP boards versus their commercial counterparts. This can lead to dysfunctional director behaviours such as crossing the line between governance and management, an imbalance in director participation in the boardroom and gaps in the board skills matrix. Some NFP boards also fall prey to an over-focus on fundraising or other charitable missions, at the expense of an equal focus across all of the organization’s strategic priorities. 
  • How do these dynamics influence the relationship between these NFP boards and their CEOs?
  • How can director behaviours affect the culture of the organization and the performance of the CEO?
  • What are some effective techniques for both NFP directors, and their CEOs, to diagnose and address potential dysfunctions?
This session will examine the NFP board-CEO relationship from both perspectives and provide attendees with practical techniques for identifying and addressing unhealthy attitudes and behaviours. The session will be facilitated by Matt Fullbrook, a board effectiveness researcher, educator and consultant.  Matt's panel includes experienced NFP directors and a seasoned CEO who will share their experiences in achieving effective and productive board-CEO relationships.


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