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The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the status quo of most not-for-profit (NFP) organizations. In some cases, simple survival is at stake. In others, there are opportunities to work in a more coordinated collaboration with system/sector partners, and in redesigning the way services are provided from traditional to adaptive. A board's evolving role in oversight, strategy and board competencies has never been more important. How boards are working with management to navigate these responsibilities has changed significantly due to the challenges of COVID-19. What has worked and what has not? Questions covered in this session will include:
  • What are the organization’s challenges and opportunities?
  • How are boards adjusting their priorities to support their organizations (e.g. strategy revisions, risk mitigation, political acumen)?
  • How are changes in the roles and responsibilities of the board evolving as we transition toward a post-pandemic state?
  • How are boards adjusting their practices and decision processes?
This session will be of special interest to board members and CEOs/EDs of not-for-profit organizations.



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