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The COVID-19 pandemic hit hard, hit fast and had significant impacts on individuals, business entities, the economy and everyone’s lives. Virtually all business entities scrambled to rethink strategies, operating and financial priorities, and stakeholder engagement. Some entities went out of business, others barely survived, but some thrived. The pivot to remote work highlighted increased risk in technology with an uptick in ransomware attacks. At the heart of this crisis, what was the engagement of boards, and how did they best navigate governance and oversight of their entities in this unprecedented situation?

What role did the board take on risk management and were risk management heat maps, rankings and mitigation strategies effective? As directors, what did we learn, and how do we make risk management and board oversight more resilient?

In addition to these questions, we will explore the role that the insurance market plays in these circumstances and examine the current state of insurance markets. What has emerged as best practices or worst practices followed by a board and its management team in dealing with unprecedented global crisis events? Will insurance be an affordable tool for risk mitigation in future?

Our experienced panel will answer these questions and more, and provide insights into what they have seen, to help us continue to work our way through this crisis, but also prepare for the next one.


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