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The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to confront unforeseen risks and has caused numerous challenges for business operations.   

Human resource issues are now front and centre with the potential to significantly impact an organization’s financial performance, and reputational and brand risk. Emerging HR issues are quite diverse: employee well-being and mental health, safety concerns, remote working and flexible workforces, job loss, the great resignation/retirement, employee engagement, leadership training to meet changing demands, and the ethical and legal issues facing organizations in the arena of vaccination policies and other challenges.
Coupled with the growing focus on EDI and environmental challenges, HR has a heightened role amid this fast-changing environment.  It is critical that boards and management work together to find the best way forward for their organizations. In particular, as organizations negotiate the complex web of HR issues, it will be important that boards turn their attention to an expanded oversight role in human capital management.
Please join us on Wednesday, March 16 as Judy Murphy, President of Murphy’s Executive Leadership, outlines the major HR challenges facing organizations today. She will lead a panel of industry leaders as they discuss the role of the board during these unprecedented times.


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