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  • Fundraising in difficult times
    For many board members, there’s nothing fun about fundraising. In ordinary circumstances, fear of rejection can be cause for pause, while others may worry about their professional and personal reputations. When times are tough, as in the current COVID-19 crisis, asking for money may seem out of the question.
  • COVID-19: A time to innovate
    For many boards and their companies, COVID-19 may be the single biggest disruption in recent memory. As organizations invent and reimagine goods and services for a socially-distant new normal, innovation and technology are now pressing concerns for both short- and long-term success.
  • How boards can move the needle on systemic change and equity
    As recent protests lit up streets across North America and the world, many companies and their CEOs rushed to tweet, post and issue statements calling for a more equal society. Canadians support this general trend: 89 per cent want their CEOs to speak out on societal issues such as income inequality and diversity, according to the Edelman 2020 Trust Barometer.

  • Key insights from 2020 ICD National Conference
    Last Thursday, more than 1,300 directors from across the country and abroad virtually joined the Institute of Corporate Directors for the delivery of its first-ever online and interactive National Conference.
    In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, boards are being asked to step up like never before. Fittingly, the theme of the Conference, “Next Level Governance for the New NEW Normal,” explored how directors can help reignite the Canadian economy and effectively oversee their organizations amid this crisis and beyond.
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  • Putting climate change risk on the boardroom table
    We have been asked whether directors of Canadian corporations are obliged to address climate change risk. The answer is clearly yes.
  • Culture as problem-solving: lessons from global governance
    If one of the goals of philanthropy is to help solve intractable social problems, is it worth spending time on governance when so many urgent challenges demand action?
  • Leadership for the decade of action
    The report sets out to discover what can be learned from business leaders who are integrating sustainability across strategy, operations and stakeholder engagement and what this means for how board and C-suite leaders are selected.
  • Law 101 for boards
    My goal is to point out the legal responsibilities that need the board’s attention. I will however offer some advice on how, via policy direction and board agenda planning, legal compliance can easily be built into the work of governance without it taking over.