crown portal image
Our Crown Director Resources Portal provides Crown directors with an accessible gateway to a curated collection of information that supports their board work.  

The portal is divided into four sections:
  • Introduction to Crowns – Background material on why and how Crowns were established, role of the government, and key historical documents from a variety of jurisdictions.
  • Role of the board – Information on function of the board, including appointment process, board chairs and director compensation.
  • Crown performance – Materials on board evaluation, relationship with the CEO, role of the director and strategy.
  • Regional resources – Compilation of resources by jurisdiction for easy access.

Crown Director Effectiveness course

This portal works in conjunction with the ICD’s Crown Director Effectiveness course to give participants access to source material and supplemental readings. Participants have the opportunity to learn both before and after the course, and explore topics on their own time. Richard Dicerni, ICD’s Crown Director Effectiveness academic director, provided original content and helped identify relevant material for the portal.  

The portal also works effectively as a standalone resource for ICD’s Crown director community.