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Use of the F.ICD Designation

As a Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) and a holder of the F.ICD designation, you have achieved the highest distinction for board directors in Canada.

What does the F.ICD stand for?

  • The F.ICD (Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Directors) is awarded to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Canadian organizations through exceptional governance leadership in the boardroom.

Why should I use the F.ICD?

  • The F.ICD signifies recognition by your director peers of your accomplishments and dedication to outstanding board leadership. When used in board biographies or proxy circulars, it demonstrates to stakeholders the best-in-class governance and leadership capacity on your board(s). If you have not done so already, we encourage you to socialize your F.ICD with corporate secretaries and counsels working with your boards to ensure your designation is recognized.

How do I use the F.ICD?

  • The F.ICD should accompany your legacy designations, if any. Fellows of the ICD are encouraged to use their designation in the following circumstances and any others deemed appropriate:

    • Business Cards and Email Signatures

    Update your business card and e-signature(s) with the F.ICD following your name and any other designations you may have, for example:
    If you are a holder of both the ICD.D and F.ICD, please place the F.ICD after the ICD.D designation.

    • Official Bios and Proxy Circulars

    Include the F.ICD in your personal and proxy bio with the following wording:
    Long form: “[Your name] is a Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Directors, Canada’s preeminent distinction for directors.”
    Short form: “[Your name], Institute of Corporate Directors, Fellow (Year).”

Are there requirements to maintain the F.ICD?

  • There are no necessary requirements to maintain the F.ICD. However, Fellows of the ICD are encouraged to be members of the Institute and to regularly engage with the ICD to support developing better directors and a more effective director community in Canada.