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Climate Education For Directors

Climate change oversight does not involve a straight path or simple solution.

Boards of all sectors are grappling with how to frame these risks and opportunities and embed a viable adaptation strategy into their business models. How can they effectively navigate stakeholder expectations across their operating environments? What steps can they take to ensure organizational resilience amidst shifting capital flows and ever-evolving regulatory landscapes? More fundamentally, where, and how should boards begin this journey and how can they help management advance and thrive in a practical way?

Broaden your understanding of the issues and hone your skills with our comprehensive climate programs, Board Oversight of Climate Change and Fundamentals of Climate Governance.

Which program is right for you?

Program Format Who is it for?
Board Oversight of Climate Change Blended online multi-module

Directors across all sectors looking to:

  • Enhance their oversight of climate related risks
  • Optimize their organizations' long-term competitiveness in the context of climate change
  • Augment their contribution to boardroom discussions on climate change reporting
Fundamentals of Climate Governance Self-directed eLearning module, 40+ minutes Directors across all sectors looking to enhance their contributions to climate change discussions in the boardroom through a foundational module.

Programs offered by ICD


Fundamentals of Climate Governance

Issues Oversight

Board Oversight of Climate Change

Issues Oversight
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