What is the ICD Directors Register?
It is a complimentary board matching service that connects ICD members with organizations and search firms seeking qualified director candidates.

Features of the ICD Directors Register include:
  • Resume Builder – Easily post your online resume by uploading your resume from Microsoft Word or other desktop applications.
  • Searchable Portfolio – Increase your exposure to organizations by uploading up to 5 career-related documents, i.e., work samples, cover letters or certification letters.
  • Simplified Opportunity Searching – Improved opportunity filtering options, more ways to be notified of new postings, and simplified opportunity review make it easier than ever for you to find the right director opportunities.
  • Mobile Access – Now you can access your account and apply to opportunities on the go

Who can join the ICD Directors Register?
Any current member of the ICD can create a candidate profile as well as search and apply for opportunities.
Can I upload multiple resumes/CVs/documents to my account?
You can upload up to five documents into your account. When you submit an application, you can choose which documents you would like to attach.
Do I have to type my cover letter into the boxes?
You may copy and paste a text version of your cover letter into the cover letter fields, make any edits, and then submit the online form.
How can I expand my search options?
To view additional search options click on the "ADVANCED SEARCH" link in the far right corner of the search bar. This will expand the Search box to display specific criteria such as province, opportunity type, category, etc.
Why do some board opportunities not display the organization’s name?
Some companies choose to list their ads confidentially. In these cases you will need to submit your application online and the organization will contact you with more information if they feel you are a good match for their board opening.
How can I tell if an application submitted successfully?
To view applications submitted, click “My Account” from the top navigation. After logging in, your account information will appear. Under "Applications", displayed will be any opportunities you have applied for and the date that the application was submitted. When an opportunity expires, according to a pre-established date set by the employer, a red "X" will appear next to the application. Applications appear in your account for 90 days from the date of submission.
Can I make edits to a submitted application?
Once an application is submitted your information is immediately sent to the employer. Be sure to double check your information prior to submitting the application.