Admissions Policy

The Directors Education Program (DEP) admissions policy has been developed with a belief that positive learning environments are best achieved when a class is constructed by balancing diversity, experience, and the ability of participants to contribute positively within the board director group.

Admissions Process

The DEP is not an open-enrollment program, and has a competitive admissions process. Space is limited and there is no guarantee of admission into the program.

Applications for each program are accepted up until that program’s respective application deadline, after which they are all evaluated collectively by the DEP admissions committee. You will receive notification of the Admissions Committee's decision by email about one month prior to the program start date.

Applications are weighed on their own merits, and against one another, and only those applicants that meet the DEP eligibility requirements will be considered for admission into the program.

How to Apply

Once you’ve reviewed the Directors Education Program (DEP) eligibility requirements and confirmed that you meet all the necessary criteria, fill out the application form for the DEP in the location of interest and submit supplementary documents as per the instructions on the application form.

Pre-Approvals for future DEP Cohorts

In the event that more applicants meet the DEP’s eligibility requirements than there are spaces in the program, the admissions committee will put together a class from the approved applicants that best meets the desired balance described above. Those applicants that are approved for admission to the DEP, but cannot be accommodated in that specific cohort, will be pre-approved for the next DEP cohort in that city.

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