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This course will help directors optimize their contribution to financial discussions of the board. Participants will learn the fundamental differences between board and management perspectives on matters of finance and delve into the linking of financial plans to the strategic plan, capital projects and key performance indicators. An immersive, hands-on case study places the participant into a simulated board meeting of a company.

This course is undergoing redevelopment and will relaunch in 2022. Please contact to determine how we can best address your learning needs until then.


This course is ideal for directors who wish to increase their comfort with financial discussions in the boardroom.

Note: This course does not teach financial literacy and it is recommended that participants have the ability to read and understand financial statements.


    • Understand how to approach capital budgeting decisions presented by management, and how and why their perspectives on projects might differ

    • Identify how to approach discussions about key performance indicators to be presented to the board and reported publicly

    • Understand of the differences between financial and non-financial performance indicators


Enhance your contributions to financial discussions and board decision-making by gaining a practical understanding of the board’s role in oversight of financial planning, capital budgeting, KPI monitoring and more through an immersive board meeting simulation.


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