Board Oversight of Artificial Intelligence (BOAI)

Understand how to effectively navigate the complexities of AI and drive confident boardroom discussions on AI's impact, risks, and opportunities.

Amid today's ever-evolving corporate landscape, the infusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping industries and decision-making processes throughout Canada. Directors on boards are confronted with the pressing task of swiftly grasping AI's profound implications, encompassing vital areas like risk management, strategic alignment, and ethical considerations. AI equips board directors with the opportunity to proactively leverage its benefits, fostering well-informed decision-making, strategic alignment, and ethical AI practices. This empowers directors to seize opportunities and ensure their organizations thrive in the age of AI.

Board Oversight of Artificial Intelligence (BOAI), developed by and for directors, fosters dynamic board-level decision-making and interactions with AI experts. The program equips directors with risk management, strategic alignment, and ethical AI skills, a vital resource to navigate the evolving AI landscape.

ICD.Ds: $950 plus applicable taxes
ICD Members: $1,050 plus applicable taxes
Non-Members: $1,500 plus applicable taxes

Non-Members who apply for admission into any short course will receive a one-year ICD membership (value of $450). 

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National Academic Director

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Managing Partner and Co-Founder, INQ Law
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Director of Product Strategy, Cohere
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