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In the face of escalating environmental and weather-related challenges, organizations are increasingly recognizing the urgent need for effective climate adaptation strategies. As climate events continue to have far-reaching impacts across Canada, corporate directors have a critical role in ensuring their organization’s physical facilities and operations are prepared for weather-related disruptions and ensure they have a resilient climate adaptation strategy in place.

Join Chapter Zero Canada on October 11 for the webinar " Climate Adaptation Strategies and the Board’s Role," which will elevate your understanding of climate adaptation from a business imperative to a strategic advantage. Don't miss this opportunity to equip your board with the knowledge and insights from top governance experts to guide your organization toward a more resilient, and sustainable future. Register now to secure your spot and ensure your board is at the forefront of climate adaptation leadership.

Highlights to be covered include:

  1. Explore the concept of climate resilience and its importance for business continuity, risk management, and long-term sustainability
  2. Discover how climate change poses both risks and opportunities for organizations
  3. Learn how strategic adaptation can mitigate risks and enhance competitive advantage
  4. Explore the legal, fiduciary, and reporting responsibilities of directors
  5. Discuss the importance of managing stakeholder trust and investor confidence
  6. Examine how corporate directors can proactively engage with management to ensure their organizations are prepared 
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