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Globally, cyber crimes are set to cost governments and organizations over $10 trillion by 2025. With corporate value increasingly dependent on complex digital business systems and vulnerable to evolving cybersecurity threats, boards are adopting new mechanisms for governing risk. Developing relevant corporate governance policies in digital and cyber risk is critical for every organization.
Cyber resilience requires board oversight of integrated strategies that effectively manage the organization’s financial exposure and mitigate business impacts. Effective board oversight ensures that digital transformation strategies are keeping pace with today’s cybersecurity threats and proactively safeguarding against disruptions. Boards that build organizational cyber resilience can better monitor, measure and mitigate risks within all aspects of a company’s digital business system.
We invite you to join us to hear from our experienced panelists on the leading digital and cyber governance best practices as we explore:
  • Why it’s mission critical for the board to understand digital opportunities and cyber risks at an enterprise level.
  • How recognizing digital and systemic cyber risk and its potential economic impact establishes a foundation for trusted and transparent corporate disclosure.
  • How an effective framework can help boards develop high-performance reporting and communication when governing digital and cyber risk.


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