10 Reasons Why Organizations Need a Board

10 Reasons Why Organizations Need a Board
(And how you can use that knowledge to enhance your prospects as a director candidate)

Organizations generally begin life as an idea. Whether it’s a family business or not-for-profit, somebody (or some group) decides that it’s worth it to take that idea and run with it—turning it into something with purpose, structure, and the potential to grow in scale.
At some point, the question arises as to how the organization assures its stakeholders that there is proper oversight, as well as appropriate management of things like reputation, risk, and strategy. For many, a board provides that value added role. Others may see a board as an expense—or adding bureaucracy to what is otherwise lean and effective.
Why bother with a board? And if there’s merit seen in having a board, what kind of board—a fiduciary board, or board of advisors?  
Join Mary Cameron, Chair of Habitat for Humanity International and veteran of numerous private and not-for-profit boards, in a conversation with Brian Hayward, author of The Great Chair, as they explore the top ten reasons why organizations eventually need boards.
For aspiring directors, understanding why organizations gain value from boards unlocks insights that enhance the odds of landing that “sought after board position”.
*Please note: This event will start at 1 p.m. CT
February 15, 2023 1:00 p.m. CT
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