Talent Management on the Board: Enhancing Governance Competence on NFP Boards

Good governance demands that Boards continuously invest time and resources to ensure the sustainability of their organizations. The unprecedented challenges imposed and exposed by the Pandemic have heightened the importance of this responsibility.

With the increasingly complex challenges facing NFPs, is it time to consider a strategy of “upgrading” your Board’s capability to govern and add value to your NFP?
This panel discussion will focus on several areas that NFP boards should be considered to continuously improve the governance of the NFP organizations, particularly with the increasing challenges in operating your NFP and recruiting/retaining directors:
  1. Who is on the board? Are we at a level of talent that can truly oversee and add significant value to the capabilities of the management team? Should we be considering a paradigm shift in the level of talent that our successors bring to the board table?
  2. Are all our directors knowledgeable about their role and how to carry it out? Do we need to undertake better screening, orientation, training, and development?
  3. Does your Board’s structure, policies, processes, and people enable the right board culture? Should you be undertaking a full review to attract and retain top directors, deliver value to the organization, and contribute to the sustainability and impact of the NFP?
  4. Do we have diversity of experience, backgrounds, and perspectives to have the best discussion to make the optimal decisions?
The Panel will draw on experiences from Board members who have needed to reconstruct their Board’s membership to meet the demands of the challenges of today through being an effective governance team.

NFP Advisory Council
Bruce Macdonald
Marcel Lauziere
Paulette Senior
Peter Dinsdale
Ian Bird
Robin Cardozo
May 31, 2023 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. ET
Zoom Webinar
ICD Member - $25 Non-Member - $40 Cancellations and full refunds are available 24 hours prior to the start of the session



Susan Phillips

Professor, Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership



Richard Kinch

Past Chair, Board of Directors, York Region Children’s Aid Society at York Region Children's Aid Society

Cameron Scrivens

President and Portfolio Manager at JCIC Asset Management Inc.

Will Stephen

Partner, KPMG
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