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Within the government structure itself, the principles of governance may well apply. Or do they? How is governance applied within the elected layer of government and how does that transcend the various government departments that, together, form the overall organization that leads, decides, directs and delivers on government actions and outcomes?

In addition, governments conduct some of their business through Crown corporations, healthcare and educational institutions, and supportive funding of many NFPs. How can these “companies” operate and be governed effectively while serving the, at times, conflicting expectations of their owner, stakeholders and their end clients? 

Publicly traded and private corporations typically have a simpler and more defined governance structure than government-related entities. Yet we know that “simple” does not apply to the art of effective and sustained good governance. The challenges are many and the landscape is always evolving.
Join us on December 8, 2021 for a conversation with the Honourable Gary Filmon about good governance in government and corporations.


Gary Filmon Headshot