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When it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), the case is made. It is an expectation of today’s directors and boards that they embed DEI into their work – and an understanding that if they don’t, they are failing to address risks and access opportunities.

Yet most boards are still in the early stages of integrating DEI into the work of the board in a fulsome way. We are still having conversations about what board diversity means and how to achieve it, or which dashboards of talent and culture we should monitor. Instead, we need to be integrating DEI into the DNA of the board and its work.

In this lively and engaging panel discussion, we’ll hear from experienced directors with the passion and expertise to help us all lead in this area. We’ll explore the three pillars of what makes for a DEI-savvy board, with each pillar brought to life by one of our panelists. We’ll also leave time to hear from our audience in terms of questions and insights to share.


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