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A key board governance responsibility is assessing and determining executive compensation. However, most directors are not experts in this area and typically only deal with this topic once a year. To be fair and strategic to both the organization and its executive(s), directors should have a strong understanding of the factors that influence executive compensation.

The session will discuss the basics such as salary, bonuses and long term-incentives, but will also delve into ESG matters and other trends. What benchmarks are available and how do you access them? What are the benefits of an organization having a compensation policy? A range of practical considerations will be covered and will be of interest, whatever type of organization is involved: private or public corporation; not-for-profit, Crown corporation, credit union, cooperative, owner-manager, etc.

Executive compensation is always one of the top requests by ICD members for future sessions, which is indicative of the interest in the topic. We are excited and honoured that the presenter for this session is Christopher Chen, Managing Director of Compensation Governance Partners. Come prepared to learn and have your questions answered by one of the leading experts on executive compensation in Canada!


Christopher A. Chen Headshot