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Change is not a constant; it accelerates, alters and surprises. In an environment where the use of technology is pervasive and growing, communications are rapid, politics are increasingly polarized, and threats to climate and human health have global impacts, organizations and the boards that govern them are being tested like never before.

In late 2019 and early 2020, Tony Gaffney, with Katie Taylor as lead advisor, set out to answer the question, “How do boards perform better today?” A series of interviews with experienced Canadian directors were distilled into a report on contemporary best practices of high-performing boards in a time of accelerating change.

On November 9, please join us as Tony interviews two directors who contributed to the report as they explore how boards can change their practices to meet the problems of today, and prepare for the new ones to come.

Issues to be discussed include:
  • How to begin transforming the board
  • Evolving the board’s agenda to accommodate emerging issues
  • The importance of ESG
  • The different challenges facing not-for-profit and public sector boards
The following week, we will hold contemporaneous workshop sessions to review the themes discussed and share experiences. Please return here to sign up for your preferred workshop session.


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