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Presented by the GTA Chapter: Markets are being disrupted. Customer preferences and needs are evolving rapidly. Businesses are striving to be agile in responding and adapting to this environment – and, of course, COVID-19 and its continuing economic, political, social and technological aftershocks, all add to the challenge. For public companies, public agencies, co-operatives and non-profits, the pressures and demands just keep growing.
If there was ever a time when organizations needed a high-performing board of directors, that time is now.
The conversation at this event will be grounded in the recently released report High Performance in the Boardroom – Lambay Group. This initiative, sponsored by the ICD, was led by Tony Gaffney, Corporate Director, in collaboration with 30+ leading board chairs, and is their contribution to the ongoing discussion and debate on the future of governance. The beauty of the report is that the chairs do not necessarily agree!

On November 9, please join us as our panelists Katie Taylor, Paul Tsaparis and Tony Gaffney explore how boards can evolve their practices to meet the challenges of today, and prepare for the new ones to come.

Issues to be discussed include:
  • The insights gleaned from the initiative, as the chairs reflect on the accelerating pace of change that confronts them and how their practices are evolving to stay ahead.
  • Participants’ individual approaches to foundational areas of governance, essential to board effectiveness.
  • The obligations of all directors to engage in continuous improvement.
Please note, there will be a live Q&A facility for this webinar.
On November 16, 2021, we will hold contemporaneous workshop sessions to review the themes discussed and share experiences. You can register for one of the following workshop sessions:
  1. How to improve board performance by finding time on the agenda to focus on the key issues
  2. How to achieve long-term success and short-term resilience in the face of unknown external pressures
  3. Emerging issues and how best to address them (including ESG and DEI)
Time of workshop sessions: 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET
Cost: $20 Members           $30 Non-members


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