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In recognition of International Women’s Day, we have created a panel of strong and accomplished women to share their insights on the important role women play in leadership roles in their jobs, businesses and board work.
We will explore the following questions:
  • Some boards use experience in the C-suite as criteria for Board appointments. Does this criteria advantage or disadvantage women in being considered for boards?
  • Do women strengthen collaborative decision-making within their organizations or boards?
  • Why is appointing women to boards about so much more than just meeting diversity targets?
  • Is there research that provides clarity on what unique skills and attributes women bring to boards and senior leadership positions?
  • What type of role modelling can women provide to up-and-coming business professionals, both male and female?


Nola Joorisity, C.Dir Headshot
Karen Smith, C.Dir Headshot


Carmela Haines, CPA, CA, ICD.D Headshot
Shelley Lipon, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D, CMC Headshot
Véronique Loewen, MBA, CMP, ICD.D Headshot