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Join us on Wednesday, March 17 for a discussion on the future of virtual board meetings in a post-pandemic world. We’re referring to the session as “You’re On Mute” – the most commonly used phrase in board and committee meetings over the past year.

We have all been conducting our board and committee meetings virtually for some time.  While we look forward to meeting in person once again, we’ve also discovered there are some advantages to the virtual board meeting format.

Topics to be covered by our interactive session include:
  • Identifying what has been working well over the past year and what could work better.
  • The types of board or committee meetings best suited to the virtual format. 
  • Understanding the ‘hybrid format’ for board meetings.
  • The challenge of virtual onboarding of new directors.
  • Meeting ‘etiquette.’
  • The benefits of online meetings to access virtual experts.
  • The Chair’s perspective on virtual meetings.
  • AGMs of the future. 
We are fortunate to have two leading and serving corporate directors who will offer their shared experiences. Both serve on a range of Canadian public and private company, public sector and non-profit boards from Toronto to Calgary.



Patricia McLeod, Q.C., ICD.D, MBA Headshot
Deborah Rosati, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D Headshot