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These are critically challenging times for most of our not-for-profit organizations. Expert panellists from our own ICD communities will discuss sustainability while diving into these topics:
  1. The United Way, Habitat for Humanity and Junior Achievement are all examples of a federated model. What is unique about governing in a federated system?
  2. Term limits, board succession, relationship with the CEO, and uneven understanding of governance amongst directors are some of the critical issues in NFPs. How should you address these?
  3. Director or fundraiser? What are you really being asked to contribute?
  4. Is our duty of care and our fiduciary responsibility different in the NFP world?
Please join us for a lively discussion as our experts answer these questions and share their perspectives.



Zaman Velji, MFA, CFA Headshot
Joan Hertz, Q.C., ICD.D Headshot
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