Cannabis & Boards: What Every Director Needs to Know

Live Online Webinar – Tuesday February 5, 2019, 2:00 PM EST

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On October 17, 2018 Canada became the first G7 country to legalize cannabis. With shifting societal norms about cannabis usage, it is pressing to have the conversation at the boardroom table about the impact of cannabis in the workplace and culture of organizations. A recent director survey indicated that culture and human capital was a 2019 priority for directors, but less than half have had discussions about the impact of recreational cannabis legalization on their workforce.

As a burgeoning industry that will add over $7 billion to the Canadian economy it will have a cross impact on all industries and sectors. This webinar will provide directors with an understanding what they need to know in tackling a topic that has moved from the margins to centre.
The Institute of Corporate Directors invites you to a one-hour webinar with a panel of top experts that will discuss what Directors need to know to provide effective oversight:

Discussion topics will include
  • What should be discussed at the board level?
  • What are questions to ask to better understand the level of risk to boards?
    • What are direct and indirect impacts?
  • Beyond implementation of workplace cannabis related policy, what are the impacts on organizational culture?
  • Social license and the normalization of cannabis – What are some next steps?


Mathew Fortier 

Vice President, Policy,  Institute of Corporate Directors



Peter Sloly

Partner and National Security & Justice Leader, Deloitte, Risk Assurance


Deborah Rosati, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D
Corporate Director, and Founder & CEO, Women Get on Board