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Leadership Series on: Net Zero future

The series features Sebastien Mousseau, Senior Vice-President and Head of Operations & Capabilities for Canada and Global Market Lead for Power & Renewables at AtkinsRéalis; Cesar Inostroza, CEO of Minerals & Metals at AtkinsRéalis; and Gary Rose, Executive Vice-President of Nuclear for Canada at AtkinsRéalis, explores the path towards achieving a Net Zero Future, focusing on the challenges and essential components of this transition.



Sebastien Mousseau discusses Canada's challenges in transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. He also examines the need for emissions reduction in transportation and industry, along with the implementation of sustainable practices, all while considering socio-economic impacts.

Cesar Inostroza emphasizes the crucial role of critical minerals in achieving a Net Zero Future, particularly in renewable energy technologies like solar panels, wind turbines, and electric vehicle batteries.

Gary Rose presents "The Importance of Nuclear Power in a Net Zero Future," shedding light on nuclear energy's contribution to achieving carbon neutrality and addressing climate change concerns.

All three speakers highlight the importance of sustainable practices, responsible resource management, and global cooperation to navigate the complexities of this transformative journey toward a greener future.

Episode 1 - Sebastien Mousseau

Challenges Canada needs to overcome to reach a 
Net Zero Future. 

Episode 2 - Cesar Inostroza


​The Roles of Critical Minerals in a Net Zero Future.

Episode 3 - Gary Rose


The Importance of Nuclear Power in a Net Zero Future.

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