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Gain access to the collective intelligence and shared wisdom of Boards of Directors across Canada through an ICD Board Membership.

This ICD membership option provides organizations with an opportunity to enhance their board members' governance skills by learning from and networking with leading directors.

Value of Board Membership includes:
  • Director development through the exchange of knowledge and experiences
  • Governance resources on topical and emerging boardroom issues
  • Educational opportunities to enhance the culture and processes of the board
  • Help shape the future of directorships in Canada

Who Benefits from Board Membership

An ICD Board Membership is ideal for Canadian organizations with a desire to strengthen their director performance and improve their governance practices. Provide up to 15 board members with the resources necessary to make better Board decisions.

Fee Structure

Membership fees are based on your organizations’ annual gross revenue:
  • Over $1 Billion - $4,000 + applicable taxes
  • $500 Million to $1 Billion - $3,000 + applicable taxes
  • Under $500 Million - $2,000 + applicable taxes
*Not-For-Profit:  $2,000 + applicable taxes*

Fees for additional ICD members above a roster of 15:
  • All other boards - $200 per person
  • Not-For-Profit boards - $100 per person


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