Key Questions for the HRC Committee

Complimentary to ICD members

Serving on the Human Resources Committee (HRC) is one of the more challenging roles on the board of directors.  Unlike some of the other roles on the board, there is often not a standard set of rules to guide the decision-making process of the HRC, often requiring HRC members to apply sound judgment. In addition, the HRC is subject to significant external scrutiny – e.g., say-on-pay votes – while managing the tensions and trade-offs between the organization’s various stakeholders. 
An effective HRC plays is key in connecting strategy, performance, people and pay. HRC members need to have a deep understanding of the business and talent strategies to align pay with performance.
Join Southlea, an ICD Sponsor, on October 18 for a panel discussion with a group of experienced HRC members that will explore some of the more contentious and/or sensitive areas under the HRC’s purview. The discussion will highlight the key questions HRC members should ask to effectively fulfill their mandates.

Oct 18, 2023 1:00 PM ET



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