The Board’s Role in Social Impact Initiatives: Opportunities and Risks

The “S” (social) in ESG often takes a backseat to “E” (environment) and “G” (governance) concerns. However, its importance and parity with “E” and “G”, continue to become abundantly clear.  The pandemic has exposed a host of societal inequities and failures: systemic racism, income inequality, health inequities across economic and racial lines and disregard for basic human rights. In the past year, organizations that failed to reflect the values of their employees, customers, communities, shareholders, and other key stakeholders in the face of social movements like “Black Lives Matter” – and “Me Too”, or “Idle No More” before it – faced the consequences.

Social issues are intrinsically linked to environmental and governance outcomes and the creation of a greener and more equitable economy will be critical in moving the dial. This webinar will explore:

  • The role of the board in oversight of social issues
  • The risks for boards and corporations that fail to keep pace with changing societal expectations and the opportunities for those that lead.

Register now for this 1-hour ICD National webinar, presented in partnership with Longview Communications and Public Affairs, to hear our distinguished panel discuss how boards can appropriately impact change on “S” issues.

May 6, 2021 2:00 PM ET



Robert G. Ashe, CA

Director: Shopify, MSCI ; Advisor: Georgian Partners, BridgeGrowth, Mistral Ventures


Tahira Hassan, FCMA, CGMA

Director; Brambles Limited, Canada Pension Plan Investments, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences


Julie Jai, J.D., LL.M

Board of Trustees, Canadian Museum for Human Rights; Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Canadian Museum for Human Rights; Chair, Organizing Committee, Yukon Prize for Visual Arts; Tribunal Member, Yukon Human Rights Panel of Adjudicators



Saphina Waters

Partner and ESG Practice Lead, Longview Communications & Public Affairs
Former Head of Climate Change Communications, Total SA


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