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Wednesday, June 5, 8:45 - 9:15 AM ET

Ready for Impact: Being Prepared Amidst Geopolitical Risk

As geopolitics grow more volatile, the risk to businesses and capital markets significantly increases. Directors must have a clear understanding of how these changes impact business today and in the future, navigating through an ever-changing environment. It's essential for boards to adapt, making decisions suited for today's reality, not based on past or ideal conditions. This requires a strategic approach: staying informed about international trends, recognizing organizational shifts, and linking these insights to manage complex risks effectively.

Gerald Butts from Eurasia Group will provide critical insights into how the global geopolitical climate influences board decision-making, highlighting the need for preparedness and strategic oversight in uncertain times.  

Keynote Speaker:

Keynote Speaker:

Gerald Butts

Vice Chair and Senior Advisor, Eurasia Group

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