January 21, 2021

Ontario Business Community Launches the Ontario Vaccination Support Council

The Institute of Corporate Directors is pleased to serve as a founding member of the Ontario Vaccination Support Council which was launched on Tuesday by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC). 
The Council will bring together a diverse group of OCC members, representing a range of sectors, to share pertinent information and provide government with timely and evidence-based recommendations. The Council will:
  • Provide Ontario’s business community with a window into the Ontario Vaccine Distribution Task Force to share public health information; updates on logistics and distribution plans and seek input on non-health-related issues.
  • Consolidate a directory of capabilities and services within the Chamber Network that could be utilized and procured by government, hospitals and public health in the distribution of vaccinations.
  • Share policies, best practices and approaches with government to ensure the maximum participation of employers and their employees in vaccination efforts with a specific focus on being proactive and removing barriers.
More information, including a list of founding members, is available here.
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