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Programs Offered by ICD

ICD Board Fundamentals

Boardroom Financial Essentials (BFE)

A hands-on case study approach helps participants become more comfortable with financial discussions in a board context.

ICD Board Fundamentals

Audit Committee Effectiveness (ACE)

Members of audit committees will gain insight and the necessary tools to move beyond the traditional role of compliance oversight.

ICD Board Fundamentals

Board Oversight of Strategy (BOS)

Developed jointly with CPA Canada to help directors apply a framework for successfully engaging in the strategic oversight process.

ICD Board Fundamentals

Enterprise Risk Oversight for Directors (RSK)

Developed jointly with CPA Canada to help directors manage risk oversight, including compounding effects from multiple risks.

ICD Board Fundamentals

Human Resources & Compensation Committee Effectiveness (HRCCE)

Directors will develop deeper insight into issues such as CEO succession planning, executive compensation and incentive plans.

ICD Board Fundamentals

Crown Directors Effectiveness (CRN)

Directors and senior public servants will better understand the unique challenges of serving on government-controlled entities.